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“Everyone involved with this more was phenomenal! Lane was is constant contact with me, which was crucial since I was not able to be present with this move. She also talked to me about the process and what to expect which really put me at ease. Alex was very efficient and we appreciate him for making himself available to re-survey. The van driver, Dave, was in contact with me as well. My husband was amazed at how friendly and easy going everyone was. We did our research with several different moving companies but in the end we went with your services because of how accessible and friendly your staff is. Amazing work to you all, I will definitely keep you in mind for any moves in the future.” —April 2015

“Impressed from start to finish, everything was excellent and we will be using you again for another move of items from KY to CA. Thank you.” —April 2015

“This was an excellent experience and we will recommend your team to our friends.” —April 2015

“Best move I have ever had. Very professional. I would recommend Planes Companies to anyone!” —April 2015

“I can not say enough good things about Planes! I had heard horror stories of moves like this before and was a bit worried. My worries were for nothing! I would recommend using you guys to anyone who asked. Matt and Robyn were both great with getting everything set up. AD, Willis, Willis Jr, Gene, and Preston were AWESOME!! Those guys made the experience so memorable in a good way. The guys worked long hours loading and unloading the truck, but always had a smile on their face or were laughing about something. I could tell they enjoyed what they did. I was super happy to see that Willis had joined AD on the road, it was nice to have a familiar face! He was awesome, singing, laughing, having a good time. I know that sound like they weren't serious but they were. They were super careful with all of our stuff, and got the jobs done!!” —April 2015

“We were surprised & impressed with how this entire move was handled. Very professional but with a really great level of friendliness and cooperation. Your people bent over backwards to be sure we were OK with everything they did. Can't say enough about the driver—he was just great with us. We had a few items that were damaged and we're working with Lisa on those. Certainly nothing major. Overall A+.” —April 2015

“Everyone was incredibly friendly, helpful and professional. This was by far the easiest move I have experienced. I ran into a health issue on move day, and both the van operator and counselor were very understanding and accommodating. I cannot tell you how much that is appreciated.” —April 2015

“My wife and I were totally pleased with our moving experience with Planes. Everything went smoothly, on schedule, and with no damages. I moved furniture and electronics many years ago and I was VERY impressed with the professionalism of the driver and his crew and also our counselor. Thanks to all for making our move as stress-free as possible.” —April 2015

“The loading and delivery crews were outstanding teams. My wife and I appreciate their care and consideration of our belongings.” —April 2015

“I was very satisfied with the entire job and will positively recommend Planes to any one I speak with that needs a moving service.” —March 2015

“I had a great experience all around! Everything was taken care of smoothly, including packing, loading, unloading, and unpacking, as well as car transport. All my calls and emails were returned very quickly. Kindra, Planes, and the entire crew made the whole move experience as easy as possible. I am especially impressed with the local crew who had to deal with icy, narrow roads in Mt. Adams as well as narrow entryways and multiple sets of stairs!!” —March 2015

“Joe was great in making this a great experience. I would recommend your company to others due to his professionalism!” —March 2015

“This is my second time in about a year moving with Planes, and both times were great! Very fast, organized, on time, nothing broken or damaged, respectful and friendly, it was a great experience! Thanks!” —March 2015

“Couldn't have asked for a better moving experience. Planes was tops from beginning to end, and from top to bottom. Keep up your excellence!! Thanks for making our move so hassle-free.” —March 2015

“In general all aspects of our move were handled in a courteous, friendly and profession manner. Jen deserves the highest compliments with her high level of customer service!” —March 2015

“I was very impressed and pleased with my moving experience. Everyone was outstanding and professional. I would absolutely recommend Planes to anyone looking for movers.” —March 2015

“The service and the team you all sent was excellent. It made a usually dreadful task.” —March 2015

“Both van crews were very professional and courteous. The packing crew did an excellent job of packing our goods—even the dirty laundry I forgot to pack myself—oops! The few instances of damage seem to have occurred during the warehousing process and not with the loading or unloading crews.” —March 2015